Inspired by the mystery and magnificence of our planet’s most essential and enigmatic force of nature, Tides invites the observer on an immersive journey through a series of ethereal maritime environments. The nine hand-tufted rugs are designed to evoke ecosystems, where light interplays with form and flashes of dazzling bioluminescence punctuate the murky depths of the ocean.

Each design is created by subjecting meticulously hand-painted watercolour impressions to a series of resist-dye techniques that produce effects like the spectral marbling qualities found in Splash and Marine and the grainy texturing of Opaline. Simultaneously, the sensations of ocean worlds are ever-present in compositions such as Coraline, whose glow suggests the endangered beauty of planet Earth’s largest living organism.

The collection as a whole utilizes a palette of clean pastels, contrasted with metallic tones and flourishes of intense colour. These are expressed in fluid patterns that offer a vision of depth and complexity as alluring as the seas themselves.

All of our designs can be customized for your aviation needs. To get a head start, we selected a few of our favorites and reconstructed them to comply with aviation standards.